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Adelaide’s #1 Recruitment Agency

Humanology is a new way of approaching recruitment

We flip the recruitment experience on its head to match the right person to the job, faster.

We use the same psychometric and behavioural testing often reserved for the top end of town. This tells us what else is needed beyond skills and experience to succeed in the role. And because we do this before the interview stage, we save you time and pave the way for more relaxed interviews where everyone is more likely to shine.

Watch this video to learn how our unique focus on the science of people can save you time and money.

Watch this video to learn how our unique focus on the science of people can save you time and money.

Less time, more fit for your organisation.

That’s our promise.

It’s a fact – finding the right person quickly, is smart for your business.

As an employer, the recruitment process can tie up your senior people for weeks and cause your productivity to drop. Plus if you end up with the wrong person, you’ll need to do it all over again when things don’t work out.

Not only is this costly, it can also damage your brand.

Re-advertising roles you didn’t fill the first time can make people wonder why you didn’t find someone that wants to work with you. If your process is too slow, great candidates can slip through your fingers while you’re struggling to find time in your busy day to keep things moving.

1. we chat with you

We work out exactly who you need.

2. we cast our net wide

We advertise your vacancy in as many places as we can, including social media.

3. we shortlist wisely

We make sure the applicants have the skills, experience and eligibility you need.

4. we test for fit

We use psychometric testing to rule out those who will never work.

5. we call for videos

Those who make it this far are asked to record a video addressing questions we know are critical to being successful in your role.

6. we loop you back in

We go through the video interviews with you to come up with a shortlist of people for you to meet and interview face to face.

7. we check references

This final step is about making sure there are no surprises and we know how to ask questions to weed this out.

That's it!

You now have a person who fits who can hit the ground running.

Our process is fast and effective and will give you a strong shortlist of people who:

  • Have the skills and experience to do the job well
  • Are legally able to work for your industry and in Australia
  • Want your organisation to succeed and have the attributes, values and personality that fits.

Whether you need a diamond in the rough or a finely cut jewel, the experience of working with us will feel good from start to finish.

We are so confident about what we do that we will find you someone else if the person you choose from our shortlist doesn’t work out for any reason within 3 months of being in the job.

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